Video surveillance planned and set up by professionals!

What are video management systems actually for? A lot of our clients would like to get a video surveillance system and believe that video surveillance awakens caution and fear. Unfortunately that is only partially. The reason behind video surveillance is primarily not just for deterrence, but also clarification and documentation of incidents. A surveillance helps you f. e. to clarify who steals your plants at night or spreads things on your facade.

Video surveillance does not stop break-ins or scares those types of perpetrators. Everything you will see at a later time is going to be a hooded figure of the offender, or the video surveillance captures a person, that is already hundreds of kilometers away. Furthermore,video surveillance is not a synchronized medium, which means, that at the moment of the events you are not going to be there in person.

Many of our clients think, that video surveillance on the outside, sends an alarm to their smartphones. Yes, this is possible, but not reliable and that sort of surveillance on your smartphone will drive you crazy, literally. Because most of the time there will occur false alarms due to animals or leaves.


Contrasting to video surveillance, an alarm system deters much more effectively. We recommend: first secure your object with an alarm system, and then invest in a video surveillance system. Because just a surveillance does not stop a break-in!

In the end, it depends on the purpose of the video surveillance. Should it mainly discourage, would you like to record something or does it simply serve your curiosity? That is something, that everyone needs to decide for themselves – at this point, we simply want to clarify, what a video surveillance actually provides.

We at KST-Nord do not install wireless-video surveillance systems, because a wireless surveillance system only brings anger and a lot of defaults. We also advise against cheap systems from the hardware stores. Video surveillance should be done the “right” way, or not at all. Because: only a video surveillance system of good quality, can be used as a source of documentation. Do you want to recognize faces, which in a documentation at court is essential, or/and monitor large areas? Cameras have to be equipped in those cases with specific lenses and the entire system needs to be correctly planned and executed.

You see, a video surveillance is anything else but simple. Ask our specialists, they will gladly help you with the planning and choosing of a system, which will fulfill the requested purpose.