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In order to be able to warn the people inside a building, and protect the technical facilities, office buildings, warehouses or similar from fire damages in case of a fire, a quick reaction is vital.

The  fire alarm systems/fire control panels being designed and recommended by us, fulfill all  requirements to protect your employees, residents or material goods.

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Definition: A fire alarm system is an alarm system from the field of preventative fire protection, which receives the incident reports from various fire detectors, analyses and then reacts.
As a reaction, there are different technical installations that can be controlled f. e.:

  • forwarding a fire alarm to the constantly occupied control center in order to alarm the local fire department
  • release of an internal alarm, so it can be controlled in case of a false- or deceptive alarm, before it gets forwarded to the fire department
  • release of an alarm sound for evacuation of an object
  • opening of smoke removal systems
  • activation of elevators
  • closing of fire barrier
  • release of object extinguishing system, f. e. CO2-extinguish system

With pleasure will we create a plan together with you to fulfill all legal requirements, as well as take care of the installation and set up of a specifically suited for you system. Also an individual maintenance schedule  will be subsequently created for you at a beneficial price.

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Why are smoke alarms so important?

Especially during the night are we defenseless in case of a fire. Our sense of smell isn’t active throughout the deep-sleep phases and that often carries deadly consequences. The only possibility therefore is, to be woken up on time in case of a fire by the sound of a properly installed smoke alarm. The volume is loud enough to pull a sleeping person out of their dreams and therefore warn them about the fire.

You don’t have a smoke alarm or need a replacement, no matter if commercial or private: contact us – our trained employees will happily consult you.

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