The inspection has to be carried out by an electrician GMA (hazard detection system) of a specialist company. The following system parts and functionalities have to be verified:

  • functioning of connecting ways by triggering a detector per loop/ring (or per alarm group at conventional technology)
  • forwarding of alarm- and fault messages
  • external signal generator, with GMA according to comment DKE AK 713. 1. 1 only 1x annually
  • all internal signal- generators
  • display- and actuating devices
  • all switching mechanisms

All energy supplies (power supply units and accumulators) additionally annual (if necessary, spread out to a number of inspections):

  • Fire Alarm Systems/Burglar alarm Systems: activation of all non-destructive verifiable detectors throughout the year incl. review of the correct display and allocation of the detectors.
  • Speech alarm systems: examination of speakers for function and distortion-free sound-reproduction (hearing test)
  • function of the connection path in line/group with solely no non-destructive verifiable detectors (f. e. alarm nets)
  • operation of control devices (f. e. elevators, ventilation, key depot, fire extinguishing system)


The maintenance has to be implemented by an electrician GMA (hazard detection system) of a specialized company. Following activities have to be carried out:

  • care of system parts: f. e. cleansing of aspirating smoke detectors, ,motion detectors , and so on
  • exchange of system parts: f. e. accumulators, batteries, smoke detectors
  • if applicable: adjustment or matching of components and devices, f. e. bolt switch contacts or throw-open bolts, linear optical smoke detectors

Remote dial-in

For the maintenance contract, we offer optionally a remote dial-in.

With the remote dial-in it will be communicated by encryption via VPN tunnel and the technician has every opportunity to access systems externally, as if being on site.

As an example: You have a problem with one of the door-window-contact and the system doesn’t  switch into active. Now you also want to go on a trip in the morning and the watch is turned to half past eleven on a Sunday. By now you would call your security-company. The technician arrives, but you pay 100 % surcharge on top of the work, because of the emergency service flat charge and additional arrival and departure.

That doesn’t have to happen with a remote dial-in!

We switch off the connection remotely and then arrive at regular office hours, fixing the defects at a regular hourly rate.

Another example: You are in need of a new transponder. Again, you call your security-company, a technician arrives and programs the chip. Now you got quickly 200 euros on the clock. Not with us! We are sending you directly a preprogrammed transponder, since we can pull all your data from the system and you only pay for the material.

We set up a secured VPN tunnel for you and can offer maximum service at any given time, no matter if you are on site or not.