Security Guard

To built in an alarm system, in order to deter burglars, is the first step. But what happens, when an alarm actually sounds? Most homeowners don’t think about it, even though this is a crucial question. A possibility is to send the alarm activation to a professional external security guard.

He will come, if necessary, to the house and see if anything truly happened.

With an activation, messages such as burglary alarms, robbery, fire and disruptions of any kind, will be sent to the emergency-service-control center. In the 24-hour manned control center ,it will the be operated after the measure-plan, which was discussed individually in advance with the client.


Many believe, that it is necessary to own an expensive alarm system, which isn’t the case. Cheap alarm systems can be attached to a security agency just as well. Fundamentally it is possible to receive an alarm system activation starting from 2o euros a month. This entails the reception and if necessary the forwarding of the alarm-notification through the control center (but nof the service of a security guard).

We collaborate with several contracting parties, like f. e. Securitas, the VSU-Hamburg Wacht, Weko, Pütz and more.  With pleasure will we advice you on this matter and decide together which contracting party will best suit you. If you have any more questions about a security guard activation or you are unhappy with your security guard, then contact us.

We will help you gladly and in an uncomplicated way.